Security Systems

We are here to build your home or business security system to fit your wants and needs by offering a wide range of product to provide full circle protection for your home, business and loved ones.  


We also have options for upgrading your existing system!

Don't forget that systems with ULC approved monitoring can qualify for home insurance discounts with most insurance providers.

Smartphone integration

Get the power of your security system all on Smart Device or PC. Remotely arm/disarm and see your system's activity.


Receive notifications of alarm events, who is arming and disarming, low battery warnings, loss of power/hydro and much more!

total home integration

Imagine your alarm system, thermostat, lights, locks, garage doors and more all working together in harmony in one app. 

Your alarm system doesn't have to be just an alarm system, it can be a whole home integration solution for ease of use combined with piece of mind.


Security systems

What can a professionally installed security system do for you?

Our professionally installed and programmed security systems can protect your home or business by having the ability of dispatching first responders to your premise in case of an event. It can also provide piece of mind knowing that your home or business is being monitored by a 24/7 ULC approved monitoring center. You can also stay informed and have remote access to your system by adding smartphone integration (scroll down to see "smartphone integration")

Other features can consist of:

  • sump pump failure

  • flood detection

  • low temperature detection

  • fire and high heat detection

  • carbon monoxide detection

With our systems you have the ability to run hardwired or fully wireless sensors.  

Do you have an existing alarm system? Upon inspection we can activate and upgrade your existing system by adding monitoring, additional sensors, updated keypads and even smartphone integration.

.....and don't forget that a system with ULC approved monitoring can qualify for home insurance discounts with most providers (Disclaimer: Please contact your insurance company first for confirmation).

Live Better...Live Connected


smartphone integration

Keep informed and have total control of your alarm system through your smartphone or smart device.


Get notified instantly in the event of:

  • alarm being triggered

  • sensor faults

  • power loss

  • who has entered and exited the premise (by activation only)

  • who is at your door! (video door bell required)

  • heat, fire, flood, low temperature etc, if applicable sensors are installed

Easily add/remove user codes, remotely arm/disarm, lock/unlock deadbolts (z-wave deadbolt required) and much more.

Please see our "Total Home Integration" section on the next page below for more features.

Live Better...Live Connected


Total Home integration

Total home integration has never been easier. With the use of your smartphone, smart watch, tablet and PC, here are a few things you can control:

  • Your alarm system and all its functions

  • Lighting

  • Locks

  • Climate control

  • Power outlets

  • Garage doors

  • Video Door Bell  

  • Video surveillance feed

  • Most Z-Wave or Z-wave Plus devices.


Live Better...Live Connected